Summer fair stall ideas

Summer fair stall ideas

The key to a successful summer fair is having a variety of stalls which appeal to a good mix of your audience. But while you might spend out on a headline attraction, the rest of the fair needs to pay for itself. Here are five great low-cost ideas which are sure to bring in the money.

Trash or treasure

Denise Read from Loatlands Primary School recommended this idea - it's like Deal Or No Deal, but with a twist! Get lots of shoe boxes (you can often get them for free, or for a small price, from local shoe shops or shoe factories) and cover with wrapping paper (or newspaper if you are going for the eco-friendly approach). Put a prize in each box, and for a pound a go, the children can win anything from a pair of socks, a bag of sweets or a bath time set. Refrain from putting actual rubbish in... although a couple of screwed up paper balls into a few of the boxes certainly adds spice to the proceedings! Ask people to donate the prizes, keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

Lolly sticks

Children love creating this simple game. Make up a shallow box of sand (a child's school tray works perfectly). There are two ways to play - you can either take fifty lolly sticks and colour the tip of one end of each stick in different colours - if the participant pulls out a yellow stick they get a yellow prize (whatever that might be), a red stick a red prize or a blue stick a blue prize, and so on. The second way to take the game (the simpler way) is to colour ten of the stick tips, and if the participant picks a coloured stick they win a prize.

Tin can alley

Remove the back from a bookshelf (you may need to reinforce it at the corners). Mark out a line on the floor behind which your shooters stand. Participants have to knock down as many cans as possible using water guns. Prizes are won once all their available water has been used up - the more cans knocked down, the better the prize! Top tips: make sure your cans are teetering on the back edge of the bookshelf; and have at least two people manning the stall at all times, as there needs to be someone to fill up the water guns and take money, and another to put the cans back up after being toppled off.

Lipstick the teacher

Take photos of your school staff pulling funny faces (or showing off their best Victoria Beckham pouts) and print them out at so that they're life size. Laminate them and stick them on a board. Children then attempt to draw on their mouths using lipstick (they should be given three attempts). Although, of course, it is not as simple as that... participants need to be blindfolded and spun round three times to make the task that little bit trickier. Ask parents to donate their old lipsticks and wipe off the children's attempts using baby wipes. This is a really popular stall, as children love to make their teachers look silly!

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