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Tens of thousands of UK parents have been re-ordering Label Planet's name labels year after year since 2004.

Label Planet LB

Our STIKINS ® name labels are a revolutionary alternative to the traditional methods of labelling garments, which require labels to be individually ironed on or sewn in by hand. The unique material and adhesive of STIKINS ® means that these name labels will simply stick on and stay on.

Label Planet MPU

We are incredibly excited as this product has gone from strength to strength and the feedback we have received has been wonderful. STIKINS ® are the result of a breakthrough in the adhesive and label material manufacturing industry. The adhesive bond is washer-proof, and the unique vinyl material is so soft and pliable that it won't cause any irritation or discomfort. The size of the label (30mm by 15mm) is also a perfect size for labelling all sorts of other school items, including lunch boxes, shoes and bags, and personal items such as books and stationery. In 2013 we introduced an improved version of STIKINS ®, which are printed with a new advanced ink that is resistant to sun-cream.

We are very much looking forward to helping even more mums and dads across the country to label their kids' school items quickly and easily so that they can get on with the more important things in life!

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