Initiatives Fundraising

Initiatives Fundraising

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Traditional Fundraisers made easy

Let us do all the hard work! Send us the piccies and we'll do the rest. You needn't worry about sizing, spacing or the little imperfections - we'll take that headache away from you - so sidestep that photocopier and have a coffee instead!

Time is precious, the Initiatives Fundraising method helps you create your own school aprons, tea towels or bags. We provide you with a quick and efficient way to create your fundraiser with a guaranteed quality product. Raise funds for all events: be it school year, keepsakes, Mother's Day, Christmas or summer fair!


We've done this for a while now and through consultation with parents and teachers we've come up with a headache free process to make your life easier.

Time is precious and our method provides you with a quick and efficient way to realise your fundraiser with a guaranteed quality product.


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In the past this type of project was a headache to be honest! I gave it another shot with Initiatives Fundraising and don't regret it. They have taken out all the hassle off it all with their free artwork and fundraising pack. Emily P, Headteacher, Birmingham

Such an easy fundraiser with an excellent result. What's more we received our order really promptly. What more can you ask? Sam, Newcastle









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