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Brought to you by the award-winning Oxford scientists behind The Curiosity Box™, the STEM Day in a Box is designed to make life easy for teachers, bringing the science curriculum to life and getting students super excited about STEM subjects. Each box covers a different STEM theme and all the kit and caboodle for up to 30 kids to get fully hands on.

Each STEM Day in a Box also includes:

✔ support videos to set the scene and get kids excited

✔ a Teacher Hero-Making Cribsheet with all the inside info and tips, additional resources, extension ideas and answers to common questions to save you time

✔ a STEM Day example timetable, we know you have lots to fit into your days!

✔ prizes for you to give to teams who have done well

✔ printable certificate for all students

The STEM Day in a Box is a great way to bring some Science WOW to your classroom. Just pick your theme, order your box and add a STEM Day to your schedule. Learn more at

Questions? Pop an email to

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"These boxes are absolutely brilliant!! As a Science Coordinator and passionate primary school teacher, I can honestly say, you won't be disappointed - they are amazing!"Faye, Year 6 Teacher, Oxfordshire

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