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A free fundraising platform for schools (with match funding available for tech projects!)

Join hundreds of schools who are using Rocket Fund to enhance their science / computing / English / maths / art lessons & more.

Rocket Fund is a free crowdfunding platform for schools. 

So far Rocket Fund has helped 250 schools raise over £200,000.

What they do

Rocket Fund modernises school fundraising, empowering schools to raise money from businesses and their community more efficiently. The company provides support throughout the whole process, from pitch creation, to fundraising, to sourcing the best suppliers for schools to buy from when they hit their target.

The benefits

How it works for schools

  1. You create a pitch describing what you want to buy
  2. You share it with your contacts and community
  3. People donate
  4. You hit your target (woohoo!) Rocket Fund collects the donations and send them to your school/PTA
  5. You send thanks to donors and review the products to help other teachers in the future

Want to get involved?

Great! Start creating a project here. Rocket Fund will support you through the whole process.

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"An amazingly simple way to fund new equipment for schools."  - Ms. Brown, Ladysmith Infant and Nursery School

"I recommend Rocket Fund to anybody looking to bring a new dimension to fundraising in their school. Their support was invaluable and I can't believe how quickly we managed to reach our goal!" - Ms. Williams, Cornist Park Primary School

"Rocket Fund was a great way to involve parents in raising much needed money for Computing resources."  - Ms. Willemse, Great Chart School

"It is an absolutely brilliant way to raise money for equipment that will make an invaluable contribution to your children's education!" - Ms. Whelan, Ardleigh Green Junior School

"Easy to use, easy to work with and fabulous results. I have recommended to many of my friends and colleagues at other schools." - Ms. Read, Waterfoot Primary School

"Fab idea that allowed us to get some much needed tech into school at no cost to ourselves. Had improved engagement and outcomes for children and also acted as a great way to engage parents in the campaign." - Ms. Stawman, Courtwood School

"Easy and intuitive to use. The team behind Rocket Fund were excellent with communication and help, if needed. It's a great platform for schools to engage their local community and raise funds to buy products that they may not be able to otherwise."  - Mr. Ferry, St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School

"Such an easy way for our small village school to raise much needed funds for technology resources. Nothing can be simpler than sharing via social media, and donating at the click of a button." -  Ms. N, Innellan Primary School

"Rocket Fund was a great experience from the very start for me and the children in the class. Staff at Rocket Fund were helpful and encouraging, offering advice and ideas to improve our application. It is something I would do again as we now have technology that otherwise we wouldn't have!" - Ms. Anderson, Dunblane Primary School

"The team at Rocket Fund are by your side throughout the process of application and fundraising. I felt very much supported by the ease and clarity with which my questions were answered and the great dashboard that is created to support your scheme. The spheros are such an important part of the coding experience but we would never have been able to buy any of our own without Rocket Fund. Great work, guys!" - Ms. Seddon, Prescot Primary School

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