THB Safe Steps for Schools

THB Safe Steps for Schools

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THB is proud to present Safe Steps for Schools: a visual road-safety programme to improve the safety of our children on our streets.

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National road surfacing specialist THB have devised a solution to help tackle this growing problem. Safe Steps for Schools™ launched in January of this year, showcasing a bespoke road crossing that incentivises children to cross the road correctly outside of their primary school in a fun and visual way.


THB's Safe Steps for Schools™ programme launched in February 2018, with the first crossing installed in Croydon, to improve safety for the schoolchildren at Crescent Primary School. The programme will see THB engaged by a number of local authorities across the UK and throughout 2018.


"The Safe Steps for School footprints design will be a fantastic tool to promote and educate children on crossing the road safely. I'm delighted Croydon is the first place to trial this new programme and hope the eye-catching design encourages both parents and children to cross at a safe place, reducing the risk of road accidents."  Councillor Stuart King, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment

"The children are absolutely wowed by it, they're loving it (the crossing) and they're staying within the crossing boundaries because they want to walk on it and follow the paw prints."  Headteacher of Crescent School, Ms Fairhurst

Councillor Manju Shahul-Hameed, Cabinet Member for Economy and Jobs, said: "These fantastic pieces of ground art will bring a lovely splash of colour to Croydon and the installation on the high street creatively bookends what will be a fantastic space for a variety of performances, cultural and civic activities being planned for the late spring."

Peter Whitmore, MD at THB said: "The idea was born from one of our own employees here at THB, after witnessing the lack of care given by parents crossing the road with their children at their child's primary school. THB are already a proud Surfacing partner to various Local Authorities and have installed bespoke road crossings across the UK. It pleases me to know this new initiative will improve the safety of school Children on the roads."

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