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Small Charities Coalition

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The Small Charities Coalition works with trustees, staff and volunteers to help them find solutions to the challenges they face. If your charity needs support in a particular area of its work, do get in touch. The company will either match you with a fellow small charity to share knowledge and experience, or they will try to find help for you through one of their supporters or partners.

Services provided

Offering tailored skills matching services for charities and trustees, affordable training and events with our partners and free relevant advice. Also hosting resources for charities and trustees and run trustee recruitment services.

Have a look at all the services listed on their services page.


The Coalition was established in 2008 and has grown as a network for small charities. Following the merger with CTN in March 2011, they now have over 6,000 members benefiting from the services and support the Coalition offers them.

As a merged organisation, they have 14 years' of experience and are constantly developing in response to the needs of their members. In order to appreciate where members are coming from and how to support them best, they know it's important to stay small, too.

Vision & aims

The Coalition's vision is for trustees, staff and volunteers of all small charities to have the skills, knowledge and resources they need to achieve their aims and best serve their causes.

Underpinned by an organisation that is resilient, flexible and open to new ideas, their aims are:

1 - To build partnerships and collaborate with individuals, and supporter organisations to give access to the help and support small charities need to build and run resilient and responsive organisations.

2 - To increase the number of opportunities for small charities to help themselves by sharing their own skills, knowledge, learning and resources through peer support mechanisms.

3 - To reach out to more small charities in the UK so that they have the help and support they need.  We will work collaboratively and in partnership to achieve this.

4 - To listen to, respond and represent the needs of our members so that the world they operate in works to support them.


Effective - they will be focused in their activities, strive to be efficient and make informed choices about the best use of the resources available at any given time to the benefit of members.

Passionate - they will demonstrate their passion for the work of small charities, the individuals who work in them and the role they play in our society in all they do.

Independent - they will remain true to their vision and members and ensure they respond to and speak out on their behalf.

Collaborative - they will always do what is best for members and their beneficiaries, working with others in constructive and productive relationships to achieve this.

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