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Empties Please

WEBSITE: www.emptiesplease.com/
EMAIL: info@emptiesplease.com
PHONE: 0844 8797179


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Empties Please specialises in recycling used ink cartridges. Their aim is to help schools raise funds and to encourage the next generation to get even greener! They will collect your used printer cartridges and donate the money raised straight back to your school.

To see what we can and can't recycle at Empties Please, visit their website - www.emptiesplease.com

'FREE eco gifts' for your school…

Alongside raising school funds Empties Please also runs an 'eco project' designed to get your pupils outside and learning about their local environment and wildlife. As well as every £1 you raise they'll give you an additional 'green point'. These points can be redeemed for 'green goodies' for your school, such as bulbs, trees, butterfly boudoirs, bird houses, hedgehog houses, bug boxes, toad hides, vegetable/herb seed packs, garden equipment, gardening tools, bird tables and feeders, bat boxes even sponsoring an endangered species of your choice and rain forest conservation projects too! There is so much to choose from!

And a little bit of extra help…

Cartridges can be collected from anywhere, school, home, work, clubs, friends and family!

If parents would like to take a bin to work on behalf of your school Empties Please can supply a pack for them to do so. This is a great way of boosting the money raised. You could also ask local businesses to display a bin for you, do you have a local shop, bank or business that could help?


You can now run your Empties Please recycling scheme as your 'waste' project, one of the Eco-Schools 10 topics. There are 3 awards you can work towards, bronze, silver and the Green Flag Award. For more information on Eco-Schools, please visit their website and get involved! - www.eco-schools.org.uk/

To sign up to your school recycle scheme simply click this link - https://www.emptiesplease.com/schools-contact-form/


"Damers First School has been taking part in Empties Please since November 2017. It is a fantastic idea that has brought the children and their parents together to do their bit for the environment as well as raising some money for the school. The children have encouraged many businesses locally to collect their printing cartridges and toners and they drop them off at our school. The school has worked on a huge campaign all year to become a plastic free school. We achieved this Status in May 2018. We have raised £340 so far which has gone towards a bird hide in the school grounds." -  Edward Moore, Damers First School, Dorchester - August 2018


Contact details

web - www.emptiesplease.com

email - info@emptiesplease.com

telephone - 0844 8797179

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