Subscription services for unlikely homeschoolers

With schools closing, many trusted subscriptions companies are offering free trials of their products to support home learning. We will update this page as often as we can.

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  • Adventure Academy - Adventure Academy offers a one-month free trial. This includes learning games and videos for maths, reading and more which are suitable for children aged 8-13.
  • Apple for the Teacher - Sign up for a free account to gain access to PDF files, downloadable resources and PowerPoint presentations suitable for primary pupils.
  • Audible - Audible has made 100s of kids' audiobooks available for free. Just click, stream and listen here - no sign up is required. Audible also offers a 30-day trial with your first audiobook free.
  • Blutick - Blutick, which covers the secondary mathematics curriculum, offers millions of interactive questions, hundreds of easy-to-follow teacher videos, and unique AI teachers through Blutick Free.
  • Classroom Secrets - Classroom Secrets offers a 14-day free trial. It's packed with maths and reading activities for children to use independently as well as a range of teaching resources.
  • Dyslexia Academy - Dyslexia Academy's basic free account enables you to join its community forum and access resources and daily news.
  • Emile - Emile is offering free full access to any school affected by Coronavirus. Emile is an app and online programme which covers the primary curriculum for numeracy and SPaG.
  • epic! - Free 30-day trial for parents, and free access for educators to its leading digital library, which gives instant access to 40,000 digital books.
  • Good2Learn - Good2Learn offers a free two-week trial of its online services, which teaches maths and English lessons for KS2.
  • Jump Start Jonny - Free resources available include exercise videos, mindfulness activities and downloadable fitness resources.
  • Mangahigh - Mangahigh is offering full access to schools impacted by Coronavirus. Mangahigh offers game-based learning to engage students in maths and coding.
  • Mathematics Mastery - Mathemathics Mastery is offering several weeks of activities for KS1, KS2 and KS3.
  • The Maths Factor - Carol Vorderman's maths platform, aimed at children aged four to 12, offers a 21-day free trial.
  • Mathseeds - Mathseeds' 30-day free trial provides lessons for ages three to nine, plus printable resources to support maths home learning.
  • Pearson Schools - To support GCSE teaching and learning, Pearson Schools is offering a series of free on-demand lessons for GCSE English, maths and science via its YouTube channel.
  • Reading Eggs - Reading Eggs' 30-day free trial provides lessons for ages two to 13 plus access to 2500 e-books.
  • Readly - Readly offers a one-month trial period. It offers unlimited access to 4,850 magazines, including children's, plus up to five user profiles so multiple family members can have an account.
  • Rising Stars - Register for an account to access 100s of free resources covering multiple subject areas.
  • Teachit - Free resources are available across the Teachit family, including Teachit Primary, Teachit English, Teachit Maths, Teachit Science, Teachit Languages, Teachit Geography and Teachit History.
  • Third Space Learning - Free home learning resources and maths packs for KS1 and KS2 maths.
  • Twinkl - Twinkl offers thousands of free teaching resources to download which cover multiple subjects.
  • 60 Second Histories - A series of 60 second videos which delivery history in a simple and engaging format. A number are free to view, while the rest can be accessed at no cost through a two-week trial.
  • Seneca - Seneca is a free resource proven to make users learn 2x faster. It offers free teaching resources certified by teachers, plus 85 free classes covering KS2 to A Level and multiple subjects.