Join your county PTA Facebook group

The team behind PTA+ has set up 60 local PTA groups to bring neighbouring committees together

There's one for every county, giving all members of local PTAs and Friends Associations a way to share inspiration and experience. Whether it's recommending local suppliers, sharing resources and equipment, ensuring events don't clash or generally supporting one another, these pages are a way to strengthen your committee and community. The groups are run by PTAs for PTAs, and each county group feeds into the national network, backed by PTA+ so you can be safe in the knowledge that advice on important things like licensing or health and safety is up-to-date and correct. To start connecting, visit PTA Groups on Facebook.

PTA Ideas and Advice Network Facebook group

PTA+ also has a national 'group', allowing you to reach the largest network of PTAs for answers to all your queries, from what to charge for burgers at your fair to how to deal with difficult committee members! To join, go to the PTA Network on Facebook.

PTA+ Facebook page

Our Facebook page, with its 10,000 strong community, is the ideal place to access our years of experience and specialist knowledge. Like PTA+ Parent Teacher and Friend Associations on Facebook.

Recommend a supplier

Which local suppliers have you used and loved? From book fairs and DJs to caterers and equipment suppliers, we want to hear who's impressed your PTA! Let us know so we can share their details with our readers in our supplier directory! Email your recommendations to