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Boosting support

If you need help getting parents involved in your PTA, we've got advice on how to recruit volunteers, class reps and new parents to your cause.


Parents' questionnaire

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Download our parents' questionnaire to find out which events parents would like to attend, what skills they have and how they can support you.

Welcome new starters

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With a fresh set of families joining your school in September, what can your PTA do to make them feel welcome?

We need your help!

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Create a leaflet to explain to parents who makes up your PTA, what you do and why you need their help.

Back to school essentials

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Cashback schemes mean the PTA can raise money for nothing!

Volunteering is good for you

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Volunteering isn't just about raising funds for the school – getting involved in the PTA could have more benefits than you had banked on.

New parent welcome packs

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Offer support and advice to new parents while raising the profile of your PTA.

10 top tips for approaching local businesses

Approaching local businesses

Expert advice from our sister magazine, FundEd, on how to build relationships with local companies

Leavers' gifts

Give Year 6 leavers a treat at the end of their primary school years by buying a memorable gift

10 ways to boost parental support

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A lack of volunteers is the single, biggest issue for most PTAs. We've put together these simple steps to help you harness more support.

How do you thank your volunteers?

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Ensure volunteers have an enjoyable experience and give your manpower a permanent boost!

PTA support speech

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When the Friends of Beacon Rise Primary gave a speech to encourage more parents to show their support, they had a great response. This is what they said...

Grandparents are great!

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Reach out to grandparents to up the manpower on your PTFA. Not only can they help bolster volunteer numbers, they bring a wealth of experience!

PTA poem

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This charming poem, much-loved by our PTA+ Facebook community, is sure to convince potential volunteers to step forward and help.

Class reps

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Class rep systems are great for engaging parents, boosting support and sharing the workload within your PTA!

Money isn’t everything!

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Beyond fundraising, a PTA can bring value to the school and wider community in different and unexpected ways

Get your Head in the game!

How game is your head testimonials

Boost support by getting your headteacher actively involved in the PTA

How game is your Head?

How game is your head article

Boost PTA backing by getting your Headteacher actively involved in the PTA

Creating a PTA logo

Person designing a logo on laptop

Designing a brand logo for your cause will raise awareness of your PTA, but how do you go about it?

How to write letters to businesses

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If you have a fair, fete or raffle coming up, contacting commercial companies is a great way to ask for prizes or sponsorship.

Reach out to the community with these PTA events

Community linking arms

PTAs share their accounts of inspiring events that brought their communities together, treated pupils and did more than raise money.

Should I join the PTA?

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Before you join the PTA, find out what it does, how it's run and what you might be asked to volunteer for.

Engage alumni

When it comes to giving pupils the opportunity to meet role models, who better to turn to than your school alumni?