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Keep it legal

Excited about trying a new fundraising activity, but confused about which licences you need? Read our run down of requirements for raffles, music, alcohol, etc...


Licensing guide: all you need to know

Illustration of different kinds of licence

Keen to do things properly and avoid getting caught out? Our licensing guide cuts through the red tape.

FAQs raffles

Pink raffle tickets

Running a raffle at events can boost profits – what rules do PTAs need to know?

Temporary Event Notice guidance

Pouring wine at an event

Knowing when you need a TEN can be tricky. Fortunately requirements have been relaxed – get updated guidance here!

FAQs inflatables and bouncy castles

Boy on an inflatable

Inflatables and bouncy castles are a popular attraction at summer fairs, but what legal requirements should PTAs be looking out for?

FAQs music licensing

Cd player and stereo

Music always livens up a PTA event, but how can you make sure you’re playing it legally? We spoke to PPL PRS to find out about TheMusicLicence.

FAQs second-hand sales

Toys at a secondhand sale

Second-hand sales are a popular way for PTAs to raise funds, but don’t fall foul of legal requirements.


Pouring sparkiling wine at a summer fair

Find event licensing a minefield? Find answers to the most common questions relating to Temporary Event Notices (TENs).

FAQs licensing for film events

A film projector

If you are screening a film for entertainment purposes such as running a film night, you need a licence. But which one do you require?

A guide to bouncy castle and inflatable hire safety

Boy playing safely on an inflatable

Phil Pike of the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC) explains how to hire bouncy castles and inflatables safely

FAQs online raffles

With event restrictions still in place, you might want to run your Christmas raffle online instead. We asked the Gambling Commission to explain how.