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Best practice

Often there is no legal requirement to follow a certain path, but if you want to make sure your fundraising activity is whiter than white, follow our best practice guidance.


FAQs catering

Buffet of sandwiches

Selling food at events is a great way to raise money. But your PTA could be liable for any resulting illnesses, so make sure what you serve is safe.

FAQs first aid

A first aid kit

Keep everyone safe at your next event by following this advice on first aid from the British Red Cross...

FAQs pet shows

Dog winning a cup at a pet show

When carefully planned, a pet show introduces a wide range of welfare issues to children in a meaningful way. Here is some helpful guidance from the RSPCA...

Get the parents' consent

girls eating ice-cream

Everyone wants to see photos and videos of your PTA fundraising events How can you ensure you’ve got parents' consent and stay compliant with data protection?

FAQs: Risk assessments for PTAs

Sharks fins in the water

Find out how your PTA can keep everyone safe by doing a risk assessment