Step-by-step guides

Step-by-step: art exhibition

An art exhibition is a great way to showcase the talents of your school cohort and to encourage support for your PTA from new quarters.

Step-by-step: auction of promises

Little fingers together in a promise

An 'auction of promises' is a fantastic way of raising money for your PTA and helps get everyone, including local businesses, involved.

Step-by-step: beetle drive

Getting ready for a beetle drive event

A beetle drive is an old-school fundraising event that involves shouting out, making it a lively and sociable activity for the whole family to enjoy!

Step-by-step: bingo

A charismatic caller, rhyming numbers and eyes down folks... A bingo event is simple to put on and can be a great way to raise money.

Step-by-step: campover

Camp site with tents and sun

A campover on the school field offers families a digital detox, while relaxing with friends and supporting the school at the same time!

Step-by-step: car boot sale

Running a car boot sale is a popular PTA event and a great fundraising activity, but there are a few things to bear in mind...

Step-by-step: casino night

Use a professional casino provider and dress up your school hall for a glamourous night of high drama and high living.

Step-by-step: ceilidh

A traditional Gaelic gathering, involving music and dancing, a ceilidh promises lots of fun for the whole family.

Step-by-step: circus

Circus tents and clowns

Bring the circus to your school – it is an easy and profitable fundraising event to organise, and the wider community will want to come along, too!

Step-by-step: Colour run

Girl covered in colour run powder

Get active, bring the community together and fundraise in spectacular style!

Step-by-step: disco

Discos are simple to organise, offer guaranteed fun and are a firm favourite on the PTA fundraising calendar!

Step-by-step: fashion show

Give students the chance to strut their funky stuff down the catwalk in a school fashion show.

Step-by-step: film event

Imagine the buzz and excitement of hosting your own film premiere? Here we guide you through the requirements of running a film event.

Step-by-step: fireworks display

Fireworks over the crowd at night

A bonfire and fireworks event promises a big audience and big returns. This guide aims to make sure your night goes off with a bang!

Step-by-step: grand ball

The end of the summer term is the perfect time to hold a grand ball - think posh frocks, black ties and champagne on the lawn!

Step-by-step: international evening

International evenings are really popular, benefiting the PTA and the school in many ways. They offer the opportunity for everyone to sample something exotic!

Step-by-step: leavers' prom

Forget the humble disco – today’s school leavers want to let off post-exam steam with a US-style prom.

Step-by-step: murder mystery night

Bring your school community together with a classic whodunnit murder mystery night

Step-by-step: music festival

Music festivals on the school field are becoming an increasingly popular PTA fundraiser – we can see why!

Step-by-step: pamper evening

A pamper and shopping event provides the perfect opportunity for mums to treat themselves to a night of self-indulgence.

Step-by-step: pet show

Dogs, cats and other pets in a row

Who could resist seeing which dog wins the wettest nose competition at your very own pet show? A lovely way for children to show off their furry friends.

Step-by-step: quiz night

Quiz nights are a popular event on the PTA social calendar, providing lots of fun (and funds) for very little effort.

Step-by-step: race night

Race nights are a fun way to get people together and raise money – just choose what type of race to show – from greyhounds to motorbikes!

Step-by-step: stargazing and space fundraiser

Telescope under a starry sky

For an extra-stellar evening when the nights draw in, run a space and stargazing fundraiser.

Step-by-step: swishing

Rail of clothing

A swishing (or clothes-swapping) party is a fun way for your supporters to freshen up their wardrobes while raising money for your cause.

Step-by-step: talent show

Celebrate the diverse range of talents your students possess by literally putting them centre stage in a talent show!

Step-by-step: distanced relay

How one school overcame social distancing rules to raise over £5,000 with a relay event.

Step-by-step: wine tasting

Organising an evening of wine tasting is simple – all you need is a group of enthusiastic parents, some good wines and an expert...