A-Z fundraising ideas

If you're looking for some fundraising inspiration, cast your eyes down this list and see what jumps out at you!

Put the FUN into fundraising with our simple A-Z and be sure to let us hear about your own fundraising exploits!

Art exhibition – Charge your friends and family to look at your works of art!

Bingo – Organise a bingo event, so the kids can have fun while developing their numeracy skills

Concert – Gather all your talented pupils together and put on a concert for family and friends

Disco – School discos are always a winner with primary-age kids

Eating – Eat baked beans with a cocktail stick! Get a few volunteers per year group and see how many they can eat in a minute!

Fancy dress – How about a fancy dress football match, try theming each team... superheroes and villains, Romans and lions...

Game tournament – Everyone loves playing games, so dig out the Junior Scrabble, draughts and Jenga and let the games begin... can pay to enter

Hair horror – Hold a ‘bad hair day’ and have fun seeing just how messy their hair can be when they’re trying! Wigs are obviously not just allowed, but almost obligatory...

International evening – Hold a themed night, decorate your hall with flags and serve food with different national dishes. Why not hold a quiz to test geographical knowledge?

Jigsaw marathon – Challenge each year group to a jigsaw puzzle race and get friends and family to sponsor them

Karaoke – Hold a kids karaoke event after school, charge for entry and sell refreshments to keep throats lubricated (and bring some cotton wool!)

Litter pick – Get sponsored for a mass litter pick and look after your local environment too

Money boxes – Make your own money boxes by recycling drinks bottles and ask family and friends to empty their pockets

Non-uniform days – Easy to organise and the kids always enjoy showing off their fashion sense

Opportunity Knocks! – Hold a talent show, but rather than singing, encourage the weird and wonderful – how about gargling the National Anthem, stand-up comedy or keepy-uppy? Charge an entry fee

Photography competition – Set a theme, such as ‘animals’ and encourage your happy snappers to bring in their favourite pictures, then get your local camera club to be on the judging panel

Quiet time – Teachers will surely be the first to sponsor silence in their classroom, but get parents to sponsor their child. Run it during assembly or extend the time depending on the age group

Readathon – How many books can you read in a week? Get sponsored per page (or per book for fast readers)

Swishing – Admire a friend’s outfit, then engage in the new craze of swapping unwanted clothes and hold a Swishing night

Treasure hunt – Create a treasure hunt in the grounds, with maps and clues. Teams can be made up across all year groups to help the younger ones. Kids pay to play

Ugly face-pulling contest – Set up a photo booth and charge kids on the way in – they get to pull their ugliest faces and you can display the results and ask parents to come in and vote!

Valet – Kids charge their parents to valet the family car (let’s face it, it’s their mess after all!)... let the kids keep half their earnings and ask for the rest to go to the school!

Walkathon – Hold a sponsored walk and encourage whole families to join in

X-Factor – Organise your own singing competition and arrange for a panel of judges to feed back on the vocal talents of your budding ‘Britney’s

Yearbook – Collect the best of your photos and get a school Yearbook printed. With witty captions for teacher images, these make an especially lovely momento for those leaving at the end of the academic year

Zzzz – Sponsored sleepover. Kids bring their blow-up beds and sleeping bags... don’t forget torches and remember to ensure there’s plenty of coffee for the adult supervisors!