Boost profits

You've kept overheads to a minimum, but what else can you do to make even more money? Raffles and refreshments are sure-fire winners, but what other tricks can you try?


Buy wholesale with Booker

Booker cakes, sausages and burgers

Boost your fundraising and increase profits by buying your food through the wholesaler, Booker.

Running a raffle

Raffle tickets

Find out how much other PTAs charge, where to have raffle tickets printed and get tips for pulling out winners...

100-square grid

100 square grid on a wooden background

A simple and easy way to boost profits is by having a 100-square grid at your event, with no need to buy any prizes either!

Step-by-step: silent auction

Woman with finger to lips

Silent auctions can be great way to raise funds as part of your Christmas or summer fair – with barely any volunteers needed on the day!

Interval games

Interval curtain

Boost profits at your fundraising events by running a game in the break. These ideas will not only provide a cash benefit, but should offer lots of laughs, too!

Make taking money at events easy

Credit card in hand

Give supporters the chance to spend freely by investing in a card reader - and that's not the only benefit!