Managing your PTA

From running an AGM to working with your school, these features offer advice to help you manage a successful association.


10 ways to start the year off right!

FAQs charity banking

Charity banking

The Charity Finance Group (CFG) answer queries on charity banking for PTAs.

FAQs charity governance

Charity governance

Confused about charity registration and governance? Look no further... the Charity Commission answers your PTA queries.

FAQs DBS checks

DBS checks

When do PTA volunteers need DBS checks (formerly CRB)? The team at Safe Network offer some guidance.



Everything a PTA needs to know about planning an Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Handover pack

Handover pack

Handing over detailed notes about every aspect of running your PTA will be invaluable for future committee members.

Wish lists


Deciding how to spend your hard-earned PTA £££s? Create a strategy for how wish lists and school funding projects should be agreed.

FAQs data protection

Using email and text to communicate with parents? How diligent are you about data protection?

AGMs and EGMs

Succession planning

Succession planning

Good succession planning is vital to the ongoing success of your PTA, so identify any upcoming gaps early and put out specific appeals for help.