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PTA+ Magazine spring 2014

PTA+ Magazine spring 2014Get the best from this term while putting plans in place for summer – with the spring issue of PTA+ Magazine!

PTA+ Magazine winter 2013

PTA+ Magazine winter 2013The winter issue of PTA+ Magazine is packed with advice for harnessing volunteers, fundraising stories, offers and more!

PTA+ Magazine autumn 2013

PTA+ Magazine autumn 2013The autumn issue of PTA+ Magazine is packed with fundraising ideas, freebies and offers to help kickstart the new school year. Enjoy!

PTA+ Magazine summer 2013

PTA+ Magazine summer 2013The summer issue of PTA+ Magazine features over 20 tried and tested fundraising ideas, plus everything you need to get the best from your summer fair.

PTA+ Magazine Spring 2013

PTA+ Magazine spring 2013January blues taking a while to shake off? The spring edition of PTA+ Magazine is sure to give you a boost.

PTA+ Magazine Winter 2012

PTA+ Magazine Winter 2012Party season in the air! What better time to fundraise? From Christmas fair to tea towel project, see our 22-page section for festive inspiration.

PTA+ Magazine Autumn 2012

View autumn 2012 issue of PTA+ MagazineHard to find the old routine? Lost for ideas for the PTA! Go back to school with the autumn issue of PTA+ Magazine and hit the ground running.

PTA+ Magazine Summer 2012

With 16 pages of pure fundraising magic, you're sure to find everything you're looking for to make the most of your PTA efforts this term...

PTA+ Magazine summer 2014

PTA+ Magazine summer 2014The summer issue of PTA+ Magazine is bursting with inspiration – from an inflatables challenge to 50 tips for a fabulous summer fair.