Keep it legal

Excited about trying a new fundraising activity, but confused about which licences you need? Read our run down of requirements for raffles, music, alcohol, etc...



Find event licensing a minefield? Find answers to the most common questions relating to Temporary Event Notices (TENs).

Second-hand sales

Toys at a secondhand sale

Second-hand sales are a popular way for PTAs to raise funds, but don’t fall foul of legal requirements

FAQs raffles

Pink raffle tickets

Running a raffle at events can boost profits – what do PTAs need to know?

Temporary Event Notice guidance

Pouring wine at an event

Knowing when you need a TEN can be tricky. Fortunately requirements have been relaxed – get updated guidance here!

FAQs film licensing

There is much confusion when it comes to licensing for film events. Filmbank Distributors explain exactly when and why you need a licence.

FAQs music licensing

Music licensing FAQs

Licensing requirements for PTA events can be a bit of a minefield. Keep on the right side of copyright law with music licensing guidance from PRS for Music and PPL...

FAQs inflatables

Boy on an inflatable

Inflatables are a popular attraction at summer fairs, but what legal requirements should PTAs be looking out for?