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A spring or summer fair offers the opportunity for exciting outdoor attractions. Pull in the crowds with superb stall ideas, great games for children and top-notch tucker.


Top 10 refreshment stalls

15 fabulous game stalls

It's a knockout!

Gardening stall

Year stalls

Enlist the help of pupils to run stalls at your summer fair! Run a young enterprise challenge to boost competition.

Spring/summer attractions

Having a headline attraction at your spring or summer fair can boost profits, bring in the crowds, and generate huge profit potential.

Spring/summer fair games

Yellow and pink hook-a-duck

If you're looking for game ideas for your spring or summer fair, you've come to the right place.

Summer fair checklist

There are so many things to do for your summer fair, that we've created a summer fair checklist for you. Download our template, and start ticking!

Stall ideas for all ages

Keep visitors of all ages happy with this selection of summer fair stall ideas.

Summer fair themes

Browse theme ideas for your summer fair, from Wild West to a country fayre.

Medieval May fête

May fair success

Boosting support: Volunteers

Woman selling ice-cream from cart on sunny day

It takes a lot of manpower to run a fair, so every volunteer counts - read our top tips on how to encourage people to sign up.

Boosting support: Visitors

Woman and child eating ice-cream on a sunny day

Visitors are crucial to a summer fair - attract more with a strong marketing campaign

Boosting support: Sponsors

Ice creams on a cart in a sunny field

Build relationships with local businesses and ease your outgoings by seeking sponsorship

Student-run stalls

Boy thinking about Hook-a-duck stall idea

Enlist the help of pupils to teach them business skills and gain extra manpower